About the Rambler

Hi guys~!

My name’s Izzie and I’m a Fire Controllman in the US Navy.

That is, when they let me, I’m a Fire Controllman. Lately I’ve been DCPO, but that’s a story for another post.

Anyhoo, just some quick bits about me.

  • I’m an aspiring writer. I have stories in my head that don’t go away, so I write them down. Trouble is, I never finish them.
  • I love to draw. I’m not particularly bad, but I’m not good enough to make it a career or anything. It’s really just a hobby.
  • I adore all sorts of music. It mostly depends on how I’m feeling, but I love music in general.
  • I do tend to get a bit overemotional, even if I don’t seem like it on the internet. I try to keep myself calm and distant, but it hasn’t been working lately. Again, another story for another post.

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