Keeper Points

Not that I’m a girl who thinks about things like that, but there are so many things about my guy right now that I’m just like, “I could seriously live with habits like those.”

I mean, we have some similar interests, but we’re also massively different. I mean, he has the self-confidence that I never could have, the wit and charm that I so obviously lack. But, somehow, we mesh well. And he thinks of all sorts of sweet things, things that no other guy has done for me. Like, yesterday morning, I left him at my place to go to duty and he cleaned my room. I mean, not a deep clean, but we’d made a pretty big mess and he straightened it all up and everything. He even rinsed all the dishes so they’d be easier for me to wash!

All I’m saying is, I think we’re really compatible. I’m not saying that evil “L” word or, worse still, the “M” word, but I genuinely like him as a person. Yeah, there are things that make me a little irate, but not things that could smother a relationship and certainly not things that are a turn-off. If I can make this work, if we can pull through these impossible odds, I think this could be the greatest thing to happen to me, relationship-wise. Maybe, with a little luck, one of the best things in my life.

But I’m getting way ahead of myself here.

Now, work. It’s been interesting so far. I think, after last weekend, things have gotten to the point where I need to stop trying to pop in and see him during the week. I mean, it’s not healthy.

And a bit overwhelming.

So, I’m going to spend tomorrow doing maintenance and immersing myself in work so that, when I get off work, I’m not tempted to go up all those flights of stairs just to stop by and say hi for a few minutes.

I thought I had more to write about than this, but, looks like I’m out of stuff for now. I’ll be updating regularly throughout the week.

With a little luck, that is.


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