Why Aren’t You Real?

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve wished fictional characters were real. It was a huge thing when I was a little girl and still is to this day. Heck, I’ve even wished some of the villains were real so I could go along with the good guys to stop them.

But I’ve never wished characters were real more than when I became a fan of Supernatural, Sherlock, and Doctor Who. I mean, not only are the characters likable and, well, downright drool-worthy, but they’re very real, very believable. I could believe in Sam and Dean, I could definitely believe in Sherlock, and I desperately want to believe in the Doctor. I want to believe in them so badly even though I know they’re just actors on a TV show. It makes me feel like a little kid telling her parents that Little Foot was real and how could they possibly know he wasn’t because they weren’t there.

And, as soon as I wrote that, I thought to myself, “That’s totally something the Doctor would say!”

See what I mean? I’m borderline obsessed.

Actually, I don’t know why I throw in “borderline.” Face the facts, ginger, you’re obsessed.

But I think that happens to all fans of these series.

I adore the cast of Supernatural, on and off set. Jared and Jensen are hilarious and I love Misha to bits. I even kinda ish know Jim sorta. By that, I mean, I’m a Facebook/Twitter follower and occasionally get responses, depending on what I’ve posted and all that. But I doubt he’d recognize me in a crowded airport.

I’m not nearly as close with the cast and crew of Sherlock/Doctor Who. I follow them a bit, but mostly just try to be understanding of the fact that they value their personal lives too much to be actively involved in social media. But I love that Martin and Benedict are going to be in the second Hobbit and I’m fangirling over the new Star Trek right now simply because I get to see Zachary Quinto and Benedict in the same movie. I mean, come on! That alone is enough to make me giddy.

But, yeah, I love these guys and wish I could be a more involved person with the production of these sorts of things instead of being in the Navy. I almost feel like the stress from working on those sorts of things would be much more rewarding than life on the ship. In the Navy, it feels like there is no real reward for doing well. At least, not on my ship. If you ever do really well at something, the most you get is a pat on the back.

Well, and a paycheck every couple weeks. That’s always a good thing. But, y’all know what I mean, right? Sometimes, when work is all you have, you’d like a little bit of a confirmation that you’re legitimately doing a good job. It shouldn’t be, in my opinion, that you have to work yourself to death to get a slight form of recognition.

Or maybe that’s just me.

Love y’all lots,



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