Afterlife – The First Sketch Derp

Just some random doodles based on my current writing project, "Afterlife."

Just some random doodles based on my current writing project, “Afterlife.”

It just occurred to me, as I was pulling this up, that I haven’t even introduced Afterlife and here I am, getting ready to share some derp about it.

So, what exactly is Afterlife?

It’s a novel WIP of mine (at least, I’m hoping it comes out novel-length) about a young woman named Julia who wakes up at her funeral. Well, not really wakes up. Her spiritual form becomes conscious at her funeral. When she comes to, she finds herself confronted by a woman who claims that Julia has a second life to live, one that will determine whether she goes to “heaven.” But, in order to get there, Julia has to face down her greatest fears and weaknesses.

I’m still developing a lot of the story and characters and what I have here isn’t everything, but it is the gist of it all. I’m in love with these characters and, if I ever get a chance, I’d love to finish it.

More info to come in later posts~! :3


3 comments on “Afterlife – The First Sketch Derp

  1. jdhoward says:

    Great story idea. I’m writing a novel about the afterlife as well, with a totally different spin. A common theme has to do with overcoming weakness.

    • Izzie says:

      Wow, who would’ve thought I’d run into someone with a similar concept as me right off the bat? What’s yours about, in general, aside from the afterlife, that is.

      • jdhoward says:

        Aside from the afterlife? It’s about a young woman whose soul is being sought after by the evil dead. It’s a very (probably too-)complex story so it’s being written in trilogy format.

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