Out of the Pan

And onto the plate. No fire for me.

Just moved somewhere infinitely nicer than Blogspot. I’d pretty much just picked the first thing that popped up on Google when I was looking to start a blog. And, being the stubborn individual that I am, I refused to let people who’d gone before me into the realm of blogging tell me what to do and how lame Blogspot was.

I stand quite firmly corrected.

So, I’ve decided to move. I don’t think I’ll carry over my old posts. If you want to read them anyway (and boost my pageview count), the URL is http://superwholockian.blogspot.com

All right, a little about me.

I’m 21 years old and currently serve in the US Navy as a Fire Controllman. I’m a Petty Officer Third Class, which, for those who aren’t particularly familiar with the US Navy ranking system, means I’m enlisted. I work on the SPY-1D radar system.

But my job doesn’t define me. I’m an aspiring writer and artist, though I lean a lot more towards writing than drawing. Mostly because the niche for American anime artists is quite small and, while I love my art, I could never make it into a profession. I’m still having trouble believing I could make my stories something I do professionally. I just can’t not share my writing. Even if it isn’t that good, something inside just says to share it because, if I enjoyed writing it and reading it and editing it, odds are, the end product will be interesting to someone else, too. And I adore making other people happy through the things I do.

I don’t claim any real stereotype other than I’m a smartass

Oh, and I swear. Sorry, occupational hazard.

But, yeah, I’m a total smartass. Not necessarily smart all the time, but, if I see an opportunity for snark, I take it.

On the flip side, though, I tend to be a bit overemotional. Well, not really “a bit.” I tend to be quite overemotional. I’m working on it, but that’s a topic for another day. Most likely, one where I’ve actually been overemotional.

Well, that’s all for now. I think this is a succinct introduction.



I hope.


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